About Ron & Louise

Ron is passionate about videography. He trained as a photographer whilst serving in the armed forces After leaving the armed forces, Ron set up the photography business in Worcestershire. After a number of years of photographing weddings, he decided the time was right to progress to videography. Ron has been filming for over 30 years, where he has had a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry, TV, music videos, stage shows, documentaries, sporting events, and of course in the wedding industry. Ron is always learning new skills and tries to keep up with the new technology.

Now a bit about me. I met Ron in 1994, he was the videographer at my cousins wedding. I knew nothing about photography or cameras. After spending time with Ron, I had started to have a passion for photography and videography, and became Ron’s assistant. I have since been on a few courses, learning about photography, and of course I am still learning about it. I love meeting people, and talking to them about their special day, so with this in mind, why not book an no¬†obligation meeting with me.

Now a little bit about the business. We are a family run company, We moved from Worcestershire in 2007, and are now based in North Devon, but we travel all over the UK. The company is now venturing into new projects, industrial filming, commercial projects, whilst we are very excited about this, it will not take us away from our love of filming weddings. As a company, we hope we are realistic in our prices.
Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

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